Giving an Electric Snow Shovel as a Gift – What to Know

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If you need to buy for someone who just loves tools and working outdoors, an electric snow shovel is an awesome gadget that is both useful and cool! Read more below about how to choose the right one!

Buyer’s Guide for Electric Snow Shovels

Save the garage space and high maintenance of snow plows by following this buyer’s guide for electric snow shovels. They are also more maneuverable through winding sidewalks or decks, with the only limitation being the length of your imagination (well, and extension cord). This is not a product for clearing high snow piles or the icy results of neighborhood snow plows – instead the snow should be cleared at 5 inches in height at a time maximum. For anything more than that, you will need to consider buying a snow blower (some of the top models can be found at Buyers of electric snow shovels can shop for a few variants, and we will lay the most important categories to consider.

What is your average snowfall?

If you get to work at 8 AM and heavy snowfall has already started – you may want to take a half day. Heavy snow should be dealt with in waves, and not allowed to pile up. Electric snow shovels are useful if you can stay on top of the heavy accumulation, however if that just is not possible – consider a snow plow.

How much width needs clearing?

The auger inside the shovel (think of it as a blender for snow) and the width of the power drive system should fit your desired area of effect. If your driveway and walkways are short or medium sized this product is perfect. Those with curved sidewalks and tapered surfaces will find comfort in the maneuverability of your electric shovel. So measure your width and length, knowing this path may need to be walked several times.

How much height can it really handle?

The more the auger has room to chop and toss the snow, the higher the pile it can handle. We mentioned you should not depend on an electric snow shovel for heights over 5 inches, but some are made to tackle this height and more. Be sure to check the specifications on the exact models you are considering.

The benefit of this is the amount of time you need to spend outside will be cut down. When the wind is biting and the temperatures are in the negative, not only is speed of clearance helpful but also a safety measure.

Accessories and add-ons

Your basic electric snow shovel comes by itself and a short cord to plug in. Buying a long extension cord is key for covering all of the property necessary. Finally there are LED lights for shoveling at night, and modified handles that can help dependent on the users height and strength.

You can find some of the best shovels here, and read reviews on different models. I recommend checking out Amazon for some of the best prices, or heading down to your local Home Depot and asking them for recommendations.