Types of Ailments a Chiropractor can Help You With

Types of Ailments a Chiropractor can Help You With

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What Type of Injuries are Appropriate for Chiropractic Care

We all know kids are rough and tumble, and sometimes they get injuries that don’t seem to go away. I myself have taken my kids to chiropractors no less than 10 times, and it can get really exhausting. To help you decide when your kids may need a chiro appointment, I spoke to the team over at Maximize Life Chiropractic to ask exactly what injuries warrant a call.

Here is an excerpt of our phone conversation:

Yeah as a chiropractor we will refer people to medical doctors if we think that they’re not a good case for chiropractic.

Are there certain experiences that a person might have that we might send them out to a medical doctor? Absolutely.

I would send if I thought maybe somebody had a fracture, I would absolutely send that person to get an x ray.

You want to know if there’s if there’s a potential you know fracture in a bone and you don’t want to adjust that bone. So I would send that person out to get an X-ray and figure out what was going on and then if there was no x ray then we would proceed from there and I would move on with adjustments at that point.

Anything that’s really acute like a sudden onset of a very acute headache that’s not common.

Like if you have migraines that’s different. You know they’re they’ve been getting them for years and years, not that that’s not a horrible experience it’s not fun but I would feel comfortable adjusting them because this is something they have all the time.

If somebody’s got a crushing headache that they’ve never had before and it was very acute I would I would definitely send that person out to get to get some information from a medical doctor and find out what was going on. Maybe an MRI to see if there was something going on in the brain.

Most cases that come in are very good candidates for chiropractic care like sports injuries. Those are great to have come in because if you take a sports injury to the hospital they might just give you an anti inflammatory or a pain medication or a muscle relaxer and that’s not really going to help that heal.

The same thing for like a motor vehicle accident if you end up with a concussion and you go to a hospital they’re going to check for any they any very acute problems and that’s great.

Then they’ll probably send you home and say well you know he or she has a concussion but there’s no treatment that goes along with that.

That’s where chiropractic comes in because we can really help that person to heal and feel much better after that accident or after that sports injury especially if it’s in an extremity.

So if somebody injures their knee playing soccer for example we could adjust the ankle we could adjust the hip and we’re not going to adjust the knee maybe because it’s just a little too acute but boy is that knee going to feel better once we adjust the ankle and we adjust the hip.

So it’s great to have kids come in and you know really help to rehab that injury because it will make their life later on much much more pain free.

Chiropractic is a wonderful option for someone who does not want to have invasive procedures.

It’s really about allowing the body to heal itself. It’s about the innate capacity of the body to heal itself. And chiropractors really work with that and want to deliver a clear clean signal to the nervous system to help it really heal the body. Chiropractors don’t do the healing, the body does the healing. We’re just there to guide it if we can give a good adjustment and really help that person’s nervous system to take over and heal the body it’s very powerful.

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